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An informed customer is a happy customer.

Constant Status is software for keeping your customers informed at all times during outages. Our platform lets your team manage and communicate outage notifications in a single framework with ease and reduces the impact of costly outages.

Saves you time and effort.

Tired of constantly hearing customers or employees say they weren't aware of a planned outage? Send professional and standardized notices across multiple communication channels (email, phone, SMS, Slack/Spark, etc.).

Tired of constantly having to remind your team to send status updates? We thought so. You've come to the right place. Configure a reminder profile and the Constant Status bots will do the rest for you and be your virtual CIO.

@constant_status Finally a tool that our team finds indispensable! Makes our lives so much easier. Thanks again!

@Network Signatures, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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Gain valuable insight.

Measure your team. Improve your team. We expose valuable metrics for tracking and enhancing the performance of your team.

Having the ability to gauge my teams performance and share that with executive management has proven invaluable.

@Manager, Site Reliability, Atlanta, GA

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Easy to use. Access everywhere.

Schedule a notice and we will automatically send a followup status update, or we can send reminders to your team and have them send a status update.

We also make it easy for your users to manage status notifications by providing access across multiple devices.

@constant_status Easy to use. Great response from employees who feel 'more in the loop'. Just an awesome, awesome product.

@Bruce, London,UK

Native support on iOS and Android coming soon.

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